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Livestock commodity


Chicken meat is one of the most present foods in the Brazilian diet due to its nutritional quality, ease of preparation, availability, and cost, ensuring healthy nutrition.


On average, each Brazilian consumes 43 kg of chicken meat per year in fresh and processed forms (whole, in pieces, sausages, ready-to-eat meals, etc.).

The poultry production chain adds sectors from grain producers and feed factories, transporters, slaughterhouses, and refrigeration units to the segment of equipment, medicines, distribution, and the final consumer. The efficiency of this production chain has allowed Brazil to be the third-largest producer and the largest exporter of chicken meat, serving more than 150 countries, due to the quality and food safety of Brazilian meat and production efficiency.

The production of broiler chickens is surrounded by technology. The aviaries use various equipment to maintain a controlled environment. Genetics companies and laboratories worldwide, as well as feed factories, seek to continuously develop and improve chicken strains for high performance, animal health, and competitive cost with other meats, always aiming for sustainability in production.

Broiler chickens are fast-growing birds because they are very efficient in converting feed into meat, the result of decades of research and development in poultry science in Brazil. This is because genetics, nutrition, disease control, and modernization of poultry farms guarantee continuous gains in productivity and efficiency.

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